Exploring the Rift Beasts: How to Maximize Your Scores in Summoners War: Sky Arena

In the world of Summoners War: Sky Arena, Rise Beasts are the kind of content that will appeal to adrenaline-seekers and the ones who want to boost their ranks in the game. Such beasts do not only evaluate your team’s muscles but wits as well as how you plan your moves and counter them.

Some missions award a huge number of runes and other valuable resources when completed, and just master the use of Rift Beast battles to receive the desired rewards. Here we will go through all the details about each Rift Beast, recommend team composition, and reveal the best tactics to achieve the highest scores possible. You can check out Summoner War account for sale on U7BUY.

Rift Beast Overview

The Rift Beasts are divided into five elemental categories: Fire, water, wind, light and dark. Unlike in traditional Dungeons & Dragons, each Rift Beast features its own statistics, moves, and other attributes that must be learned to complete the levels.

 For example, the Fire Beast, Rift Raid, is a skill that is mainly about dealing a lot of damage to your team, the second ability of the Water Beast, Rift Rumble, is about debuffs and control of the battlefield.

While it is possible to draw some general conclusions about Rift Beasts, such as their health regeneration rate or damage output, it is important to examine the specifics of each one of them.

Team Composition

It is crucial to stack the proper members for every Rift Beast in the event that players want to get prime marks. This is because certain monsters can perform better in a given job depending on the Rift Beast’s element and mechanics. For example, against enemies with high damage during Rift Raid – Fire Beast, one may wish to use monsters who deal significant amounts of the single targets such as Theomars or Perna.

On the other hand, the Water Beast, Rift Rumble, will likely benefit from controls and non-attack damage when it debuffs the opponent’s HP and Attack. So, depending on each monster’s abilities and roles, a player can build an efficient team to defeat the Rift Beast.

Scoring Tips

Achieving high scores in Rift Beast battles involves dealing the most damage and avoiding taking damage in turn, organizing oneself, and utilizing basic tactics. It is therefore important that special attention is paid to those damage dealers with high multipliers and make sure that they have the correct runes and enhanced skills.

Furthermore, making sure your team stays alive through stuns, shields, and gives, will ensure the continued damage in a battle. Strategizing your turn order also helps you because some monsters must activate first in order to provide their necessary aids or control powers.

Rune and Skill Management

The correct set of runes and ultimate selection is crucial to successfully defeating Rift Beast bosses. It is also recommended to make sure your monsters have the right runes for the classes; Violent runes for damage dealers, and Nemesis runes for a healer, for example, do wonders to their efficiency.

Furthermore, skills and managing how your monsters use these skills and when the skills were last used can also affect the result of the battle. Focusing on abilities that give value, power protection, or increase in attack often leads to the achievement of big scores and high damage.


Mastering the Rift Beasts in Summoners War: Sky Arena is exciting however it is not an easy feat to undertake. If you are able to understand how each of the Rift Beasts works and know which teams to build, how to maximize your score, and how to manage your runes and your skills on them, then you can move up the rankings.

 Just a reminder, to be able to beat the enemies of Rift Beast, you will need to have prior information and strategies as well as flexibility. With enough effort and training, you also can become an expert in Rift Beast and achieve all the benefits that you desire. A quick reminder to visit U7BUY, a trusted site for purchasing Summoners War Accounts.

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