Lakers Vs New Orleans Pelicans Match Player Stats

Lakers Vs New Orleans Pelicans Match Player Stats

Prepare basketball supporters! One for the records was the exciting game between the Los Angeles lakers vs new orleans pelicans match player stats. Let’s explore the fascinating specifics of this game, emphasising on the outstanding players with their amazing stats.


The lakers vs new orleans pelicans match player stats. This game was no exception, bursting with amazing events and incredible runs. This breakdown will provide all the highlights regardless of your level of basketball knowledge or die-hard fan.

First Quarter Highlights

Lakers Take the Lead

The game’s tempo set by the first quarter. Strong and early leading the Lakers came out. With 10 points, four rebounds, and three assists, Lakers’ top player LeBron James displayed his abilities. He gave absolutely outstanding performance.

Pelicans Keep Up

For the Pelicans, Zion Williamson performance to be not disappointing. In the first quarter alone he scored eight points and grabbed five rebounds. As he battled to keep his team in the game, his vitality and will were clear-cut.

Second Quarter Action

Lakers Maintain Their Edge

The Lakers kept its supremacy in the second quarter. Another important Lakers player, Anthony Davis, made his mark with twelve points and six rebounds. Maintaining the Lakers’ lead was much dependent on his defensive plays.

Pelicans Fight Back

In the second quarter, Brandon Ingram of the Pelicans turned on his game. He scored ten points, with two three-pointers energising his squad. The game was heating and the Pelicans were narrowing the difference.

Halftime Recap

The Lakers lead 58-50 at half. Both groups had amazing will and ability. Anticipating the second half, the throng was on the tip of its seats.

Third Quarter Thrills

Lakers Extend Their Lead

In the third quarter the Lakers pulled ahead even more. LeBron James carried on his outstanding effort, adding still another 12 points to his total. On the court, his leadership was clear since he precisely managed his squad.

Pelicans’ Resilience

The Lakers dominated, but the Pelicans persisted without waversing. Combined efforts by Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram resulted in 18 points in the third quarter. Their tenacity and cooperation were admirable.

Final Quarter Drama

Lakers Seal the Deal

The Lakers confirmed their triumph in the last quarter. With 15 points and some crucial defensive plays, Anthony Davis was relentless. The Lakers won rightfully since their strategy and cooperation paid off.

Pelicans’ Last Push

In the last minutes the Pelicans gave it their best. Though Zion Williamson performance and Brandon Ingram kept on, the Lakers’ defence proved too robust. With a 120-110 final score, the Lakers came out on top.

Player Stats Breakdown

Los Angeles Lakers

  • LeBron James produces 32 points, eight rebounds, seven assists.
  • Anthony Davis: Four blocks, twelve rebounds, 27 points.
  • Dennis Schröder has 15 points, five assists, three rebounds.

New Orleans Pelicans

  • Zion Williamson has 26 points, ten rebounds, three assists.
  • Brandon Ingram has 24 points, six rebounds, four assists.
  • Lonzo Ball: twelve points, eight assists, five rebounds.


From start to end, the Lakers and Pelican game was exciting. The Lakers’ stars were brilliant, guiding their club towards triumph. The Pelicans showed promise and resiliency by fighting bravely. Both team supporters were treated to an amazing game full of incredible events and first-rate performance.

Whether you play basketball regularly or just lately, this game wonderfully captures why the game is so much liked. Watch this space for more amazing games and outstanding player stats!

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